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  • £ 19.95 In Stock

    If you're lucky enough to live in a country where the sun shines on most days then our seaside buntings are here to brighten your days even more. If not, then they're here to help imagining the summer sun by hanging them into your home or garden. Lenght: 3 mFlag size: 11cm x 15 cm11 flags on each bunting

    £ 19.95
    In Stock
  • £ 25.00 In Stock

    Oh, the joys of the sea side! You can almost hear the waves and feel the saltiness in the air... all the colours of the seaside woven into a lush scrap bunting. 

    £ 25.00
    In Stock
  • £ 29.95 In Stock

    A charming bunch of handmade robots: grandpa, pirate, a boy with a broken heart...they're all individually crafted, true unique pieces to gift.

    £ 29.95
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items