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  • Kitchen towels with pockets
    Kitchen towels with pockets

    We all know what it's like to not have a mitten in the kitchen when you...

    £ 2.95
  • Flower fairy
    Flower fairy

    Not all fairies are like Tinkerbell, lean and light and we think that...

    £ 11.95
  • Lavender lamb wreath
    Lavender lamb wreath

    Our Icelandic holiday left us inspired for months hence these lamb...

    £ 19.95


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    £ 7.95 In Stock

    These lavender sachets are filled with 100% dried English lavender. Each set contains two rectangle and a heart shaped sachet. Hang them in your wardrobe to keep moths away and maintain a fresh scent. Set contains 3 sachets. SizesHeart: 14cm x 8cm Rectangle: 10cm x 15 cm

    £ 7.95
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    £ 5.95 In Stock

    These plump hearts were made of using fresh coloured pure linen, decorated with petit satin roses. The fragrant English lavender adds a gorgeous perfume. Place them on your door handles, in drawers, wardrobes and even the car for a fresh aroma. 

    £ 5.95
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    £ 9.95 In Stock

    A set of 5 Lavender filled autumnal hearts to scent your wardrobe and your home. Keep them in a bunch, sort them into your drawers or in your purse and feel like you're walking in a lavender field.

    £ 9.95
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items